40 Dads Who Refuse Pets In Their Home, Results Are Lovely

11. My Dad (79) Went From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Carrying Her To “Her Room” For Bed Each Night


12. He Was A Firm Opponent Of The Hairless Cat But Skin To Skin Is The Best Way To Connect

refuse petsliterallyironic11

13. If Your Dad Didn’t Say “We Are Not Keeping The Cat” And Then Bond With Her And Love Her The Most Is He Even Your Dad?


14. It Took 3 Years To Convince Him Since “He’s More Of A Cat Person.” He Finally Agreed As Long As The Pup Wasn’t Allowed On The Bed Or Furniture. This Is Now What I Wake Up To Every Morning

refuse petsebrambles

15. “That Brown Dog” Became “Brown Dog” Became “Mr. Brown” Became “Doc Brown Wants To Stay With Me When You Move Out.” Doc Brown Did Move Out With Us, This Is Their First Reunion After About 6 Months


16. Dad – “I Dont Want A Dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston Need Is Own Bed And Night Table”


17. My Grumpy Dad When He Holds Up The Cat So She Can Look Out The Window

refuse petsEricSaysHey

18. My Dad: I Don’t Want Dogs In This House. Also My Dad:


19. I Wasn’t Keen On Getting Cats ( I Can’t Even Pet Them), I Now Watch Videos For Cats With Luna At Least Once A Day

refuse petsSmyleGuy

20. My Dad Said No Dogs Ever Again After Our Last One Passed Several Years Ago. My Mom Has Always Wanted A Dachshund, But They Both Agreed To Wait Until Retirement. But He Recently Realized That “Life Is Too Short Not To Try To Make Her Smile Every Day”