40 Dads Who Refuse Pets In Their Home, Results Are Lovely

Mostly our parents refuse pets to bring to our home. But their thoughts change when they meet lovely pets. Here are 40 dads who refuse pets in the beginning but fall in love after a while.

1. Dad: We Are Not Feeding That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backyard And Put A Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every Night

refuse petsMissburr

2. “We Can’t Keep It” – My Dad 10 Months Ago


3. No Matter How Much I Begged, My Dad Never Let Me Have A Pet When I Was Younger. This Is Him Dragging My Cat In A Box (Which He Named The “Kitty Express”) While Making Train Noises, And Laughing Like A Child

refuse petsemmawiiwiiwii

4. No Dogs!


5. Caught Him Hugging The Giant Dog He Didn’t Want, He Was Also Singing The Dog His Own Personal Song


6. He Never Wanted A Dog. Four Days After They Met, She Helped Him To Recover From A Stroke

refuse petsDreamersEyesOpen

7. Dad Went From “You’re Taking Him With You When You Leave.” To “Are You Really Gonna Take Him With You??”


8. “He’s Only Going To Be In The Way, I’ll Step On Him”

refuse pets


9. Dad: “No Animal Allowed In This House!”. Also Dad:


10. He’s Never Been A Dog Person. Ever. And Now My Dad Takes Yuki Sailing And Talks To Her Wherever They Go