The ‘Smiling Dog’ Challenge: People Are Sharing Dog’s Happy Smiles

The Dog Spotting Society Facebook group created the Smiling Dog Challenge and it went viral. Get ready for the cutest smiles!

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1. Zero Wins This One

smiling dogDaniel Dalton-Scamman

2. This Was Sam The Day We Brought Him From The Shelter. That Giant Pibble Smile Says It All

smiling dogBrandi Matthews

3. My Little Ray Of Sunshine And Movie Partner Peach!

smiling dogMeg Aston

4. This Is The Anniversary Week Of Rylie Adopting Us. She Was 5 And My Dad Was 97. She Shared The Last 3 Years Of His Life With Us And Brought So Much Joy To Him, And Also To Me. He Had Wanted A Golden More Than Anything And Would Cry Just Seeing Pictures Of Them. She Is An Answer To Prayer And Is The Sweetest And Most Wonderful Dog You Could Ever Imagine

smiling dogThe Goldens

5. Just A Sleepy Smiley Hippo Pup And Her Hippo

smiling dogIngrid Sievers

6. Iroh Is All Smiles For His First Vaccine

smiling dogDarian Williams

7. Went Through The Drive Through Where My Daughter Works And Heidi Was So Happy To See Her!

Sheila Riley Meyer

8. Hi, I’m Waffle

Caitlin Carlia Weakley

9 This Is Oakley. He’s Not A Stuffed Animal Even Though He Looks Like One

.smiling dogCarmen Chambers

10. Here’s Pebbles Aka Pork Chop. 13 Yrs Old

Stephanie Ellen