40 Dads Who Refuse Pets In Their Home, Results Are Lovely

31. Apparently My Dad Now Plays Guitar Every Night For The Cats He Never Wanted To Adopt

refuse petsxOscarO

32. My Husband “Doesn’t Like Cats” And Refused To Let Me Get A Kitty For The Longest Time. He Now Gives The Kitten A Dab Of Cream Cheese Every Morning And Naps With Him On The Couch… But Maintains That He Doesn’t Like The Little Dude


33. Update, Over A Year After Dad Finally Said Ok To Our (His) Cat, Here Is Big Mechanic Dad Enjoying The Fall Fire With His Little Boy


34. My Dad Who Did Not Want Pets Comforting A Scared Pup On His First Vet Trip

refuse petsLZRoo2

35. Dad: I Don’t Want A Pet, So Stop Pestering Me About It. Also Dad: Please Go On Vacation So I Can Hang Out With My Grandson Again


36. “I’m A Cat Person,” He Said. Now, “Where’s Penny?! I Need Penny! I Can’t Sleep Without My Doggy!”

refuse petsCharmingtheCobra

37. My Dad: I Want Nothing To Do With That Pile Of Hair. Also My Dad: Let Me Build Him His Dog House With My Own Two Hands, Complete With Stairs And A Dog Door Leading Into The House So He Can Have His Own Room And His Own Bathroom


38. “We Are Never Getting A Cat” – My Husband


39. My Dad Always Talks Smack About My Cat And I Come Into The Living Room To Find This


40. My Dad Claims He Doesn’t Love Our Dog, But He Built This End Table With A Little Hut For Her. If That’s Not Love, I Don’t Know What Is

refuse petsagentoftheotherside