30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

Rescuing pets from shelters is much more sensitive than buying them. Seeing rescued pets will warm your heart. Here are 40 new rescued pets photos.

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1. This Guy Will Never Be Neglected Or In A Cage Again! Rescue Called Him Lucky, But He Looks Like A Lu To Me! So Happy To Bring Him Home! Hard Knock Life Is Over For This Guy!

rescued petsEmliss20

2. This Is Toffee, I Just Adopted Him From The Shelter! I Was Sobbing While Petting Him Through A Small Hole In His Pen, Was The Only Dog Not Barking, He’s Underweight And Shy, He’s Made Life So Worth It


3. Only Wanted To Adopt 1 Kitten But After Seeing This We Couldn’t Possibly Split Them Up!

rescued petsFlintron

4. Shirt Warmer. He’s Just Sooo Happy To Be Adopted Still!


5. I Adopted A Kitten Today And She’s Everything I Was Missing

rescued petsShayemacc

6. Our 1st Pet, Adopted Today. Meet Fred Lobster


7. Just Adopted This Mini Loaf!

rescued petsbrunettevibe

8. I Was Told My New Rescue Pup Has The Rarest Of Ears


9. Adopted This Siamese Girl, Making Me Her 4th Owner. She Was Returned Twice Due To Her Aggression… Turns Out It Was Just Play Aggression That Was Misdirected. All She Wants To Do Is Chase Feather Toys And Be Pet

rescued petsflytingnotfighting

10. We Adopted Little Salem A Week Ago. She Was Incredibly Timid And Would Hide Whenever She Saw Us. She Now Comes To Check Us Out When We Are Reading. I Think We Are Making Progress!!!