Pet Owners Share Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats On “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

Cat owners are posting hilarious pics of their malfunctioning cats on the subreddit “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”.

Here is our previous ‘malfunctioning cats’ post.

1. My Mom’s Cat Stares At Her Like This Until She Pets Him

malfunctioning catsjohntaylorsbangs

2. Her Favorite Way To Lay On The Couch


3. Caught My Cat Yawning While Tilting Her Head. Confirmed Eldritch Horror

malfunctioning catsPocketsAndSedition7

4. Orange Kitty Lost The Single Brain Cell In The Middle Of Grooming


5. Just Vibing

malfunctioning catsAzsnee09

6. Lykoi Disapproves Of Your Shenanigans


7. Spider Cat Is Here

malfunctioning catsUselessMarvin

8. This Cat Trying To Get Someone To Answer The Door


9. Doodles Refuses To Let Me Brush Him, So About Once A Year He Has To Be Shaved Down Because His Fur Gets Matted. He Was Especially Unimpressed This Year

malfunctioning catskeschaller89

10. “She’s Behind Me, Isn’t She?”