30 Adorable Pics Of “Shameless” Pets Who Stole Their Owners’ Partners

Get ready to meet shameless pets! Here are the most adorable pics of pets who stole their owners’ partners.

1. My Cat Absolutely Adores My Boyfriend

unembarrassed animalsEggshellsandEyeballs

2. My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond. I Feel Like The Third Wheel


3. I Heard My BF Explaining A Game To Someone, He Was Really Excited About It. When I Went Back To The Room, This Is What I Saw


4. When Your Boy Is Stealing Your Girl


5. I Went Away For 3 Weeks, And Now My Cat Is In Love With My Husband


6. This Is How My Cat Waits For My Boyfriend To Come Home


7. My GF And I Usually Hold Hands When We’re Watching TV. Tonight Felt A Little Furrier Than Normal. Looked Down To Find This

unembarrassed animalsdefinitelynotforpron

8. My Girlfriends Cat Has Decided He Is Obsessed With Me And Now We Wake Up Like This Every Morning

unembarrassed animals


9. Woke Up To Find My Boyfriend And Our Dog Sound Asleep Like This

unembarrassed animalsmishalaluna

10. You All Deserve Someone In Your Lives Who Looks At You The Same Way My Cat Looks At My Boyfriend