40 Dads Who Refuse Pets In Their Home, Results Are Lovely

21. My Father, Who Used To Hate Cats, And Linus, My Cat


22. My Dad: Can We Return It??? If We Keep It, It Can’t Go On The Furniture And I Want Nothing To Do With It. My Dad, Out Loud, More Days Later: “Let’s Move This Pillow To Give You More Room. Are You Comfy? Do You Want Some Pets? Let’s Read Together”

refuse petsgrapefruitmaven

23. My Dad Dressed “The Dog He Didn’t Want” In My Childhood Dress He Kept For His First Grand Daughter

refuse petspleasecreatemyacc

24. Hubs Was Never A Cat Person. Now He Tells Me How They Individually Like To Be Pet, And They All Behave And Don’t Fight When Sitting By Daddy. I Don’t Know Who Trained Who


25. My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. I Watched Him Cry At The Shelter When This Guy Sat On His Lap. I Knew It Was All Over. Welcome Home Beni


26. Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Dad And The Dog:

refuse petsmilleepthesheep

27. In 7 Months We’ve Progressed From “We’re Not Getting A Dog. Period.” To This


28. My Dad Who “Didn’t Want A Cat” Showing Lucas Every Item Of The Weekly Shop Because “He Wants To See What We’ve Got”


29. My Husband, The Life Long Cat Hater. He Found Crookshanks Abandoned On A Job And Offered Some Token Resistance When I Wanted To Bring Him Home. Six Months In And While They’ve Been Tight Since Day 1, He Often Remarks That Crook Is The Weirdest Dog He’s Ever Had

refuse petssouthernfriedcrazy

30. My Dad Complains That Remus Lays In His Lap Anytime He Sits Down. This Is The Smile I Got After Saying How Jealous I Am