40 Uplifting Things That Lift You Up If You Feel Upset

31. I Grew Up With Abusive, Drug Addicted Parents. Today Is My First Mother’s Day And I Gotta Say, I’m Killing It

uplifting thingsmissespanda

32. That Time I Became A Mother In Antarctica


33. 1 Year Sober From Alcohol. I Never Thought I’d Be Able To Post This. But Here It Is! Life Isn’t Perfect, But It Is So Much Better

uplifting thingsRjm1230

34. My 96-Year-Old Grandmother Recently Started Watching The Simpsons. She Drew These


35. Murphy Likes To Hug My Pregnant Tum. The Baby Was Going Crazy, So I Think He Or She Can Feel The Purring Vibrations

uplifting thingsTransplantyourlove_

36. From Offender To Doctor. One Of My Oldest Friends Just Earned His Doctorate Of Education May 2021


After several years in prison from a young age he’s been helping incarcerated and former incarcerated people for years, currently a re entry specialist. Never too late to take a different path!

37. Happy!


38. A Week After I Got Engaged, I Found Out I Had Cancer. A Month Ago I Was Able To Try On Wedding Dresses For The First Time, The Day I Wasn’t Sure Would Ever Come For Me

uplifting thingskenmarie93

I’m so thankful for modern medicine.

39. Bird Professor


40. Stranger Saves Girl’s Life

uplifting thingsninjavspirate01