They Told Granny To Close Her Eyes Before Showing Her Something Incredible

If you’re looking for a good kind-hearted cry, this is definitely the video that is going to do it.  It advertises a family who are close to each other and kind.  This great-grandmother got the surprise of her lifetime when she was told to close her eyes for her surprise.  When she opened them, her brand new great-grandson was lying in her arms.  She cried, like majority of great-grandmothers would, and it was such a sweet moment that the family shared it online.  It is one that will make you tear up in the best way possible and will have you reaching for your phone to call your special loved one.  Sure to make your day 1000 times better, give the video a watch for yourself and you’ll love how warm and gooey it’ll make you feel.  Enjoy it for as long as you can!