30 Uplifting Things That Lift You Up If You Feel Upset

We need some uplifting things to boost our moods; sometimes they might be some good stories or just pets. Here are 30 uplifting things that lift you up.

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1. I Don’t Need This Anymore! After 16 Surgeries To Fix A Birth Defect And Years In A Wheelchair I’ve Finally Been Cleared To Start Walking

uplifting thingsPadmeASkywalker

2. Today I Got Married And No One From My Family Came To My Wedding Because It Was A Gay Wedding. Well, The Good Thing About Life Is That We Get To Choose Our Own Family


3. Rejected From Police Training For Being “Too Friendly”

uplifting thingsElkShot5082

4. This Veterinarian Has A Comfort-Dog Assistant That Helps Sick Patients Know That Everything Will Be Alright


5. Enjoying A Beautiful Hike After Finding Out That There Is No More Stage 4 Colon Cancer In My Body

uplifting thingsthestringguru

6. An 87-Year-Old Woman Called The Police Emergency Number In Florence, Italy, Saying She Was Alone And Hungry. This Was The Result


7. Proud Of Myself. After Months Of Severe Depression And Anxiety, Followed By A Suicide Attempt And A Hospital Stay, I’ve Worked On It In Therapy And Now Have A New Job. Wish Me Luck

uplifting thingsreignthepain

8. Wonderful Moment


9. It Is Going Pretty Well


10. After I Found Out My Girlfriend Was Pregnant I Signed Up To Rehab For My Addiction. Last Week I Became A Father And Picked Up My 3-Month Coin

uplifting thingsMoby-King