40 Uplifting Things That Lift You Up If You Feel Upset

11. Kind Duck Returns Boy’s Flip-Flop That Fell Down The Hill

uplifting thingsMyla Aguila

12. After Almost Exactly 1 And A Half Years I Have Lost 150 Lbs And I Couldn’t Be Happier. I Still Have A Bit To Go Before I Get To Where I Want To Be


13. Wholesome Fatherhood

uplifting thingsAndyKimNJ

14. Got My First Shot (Moderna) Ever After Moving Out From Antivaxxer Parents


15. After Kobe’s Final Game, He Was Inspired To Start Working Out And Ended Up Losing 170 Lbs

uplifting thingshuertaweightgoals

16. Back In 2000, Kevin Hines Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge Due To Mental Illnesses. He Miraculously Survived. Now He Is A Suicide Prevention Speaker


17. Heartwarming

uplifting thingsKeNtLuN

18. I Told My Sister If She Graduated With Honors I Would Wear A Matching Dress To Her Graduation. She Said The Thought Of Seeing Me In A Dress Was Her Motivation. Worth It To Me


19. This Guy Was Standing Alongside Highway 90 In Biloxi, MS

uplifting thingsnalonrae

20. This Kitten Followed Me Home Like 8 Blocks And Then After That, She Broke Into My House Back In July Of 2019. I Wasn’t Even Mad I Decided To Keep Her And I Named Her Shadow


Her name is Shadow because she always sneaks up on people. She’s such an awesome friend to me.