40 Uplifting Things That Lift You Up If You Feel Upset

21. This Tiny Fox Has Been Visiting Our Garden Every Day And Wants To Be Friends

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22. This Is Super Wholesome


23. I’m Four Years Free From Heroin Addiction Today! Top Picture Was During Active Addiction, Bottom Pic Is Me Now With My 2-Year-Old Son. We Do Recover

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24. My Good Boy Is Officially Cancer Free


25. Despite Adversity, Showing She Cares About The Planet

uplifting thingsteamtrashgirl

Nadia Sparks, a 13-year-old student from Norwich, got juice thrown at her face, was chased and punched, even shown a knife by schoolmates only for picking up litter on her way to school and was named “Trash Girl.”

Undeterred of all the bullying, she has picked up thousands of liters of garbage since she started her project, much of which has been recycled. After her story went viral, she became an ambassador for the WWF and has won international recognition & awards.

26. This Is One Of My Dad’s Art Students, Gabe. This Was Done By Charcoal. He’s 16 Years Old


27. 365 Days Of Recovery

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28. Locals Protects Stray Dog From Dogcatchers

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

29. Love You, NYC

uplifting thingsAlexLJanin

30. A Large Work I Recently Finished. Glad To Share It With You All