40 Things That Will Make Your Farewell Is Not Upset To 2020

It is possible to say that 2020 was hard for some of us. There would be many bad things happened that made us upset or tired. But there were many things too that lift you up and provide a good farewell to 2020. Here are 40 things that will make your farewell is not upset to 2020.

1. Be Kind To Each Other

lifting up thingsmhdksafa

2. Hello World, I’m 15 Minutes Old

Mari Gavasheli

3. Just Finished My Chemotherapy Treatment And All That’s Left Is Steroids And Radiotherapy And Then I’m Cancer Free

lifting up things123uno456

4. When You See A Guy Bottle Feeding A Kitten On The Subway

Gillian Rogers

5. Colorado Man Reunited With His Donkey, Ennis, After Fire Swept Through His Town


6. The Love For His Son Never Died

lifting up thingsVVSLaxman281

7. Plastic Correction In A Boy With Crouzon’s Syndrome. He Even Showed Improvement In Vision And Breathing


8. After Not Seeing My Grandparents For Months, They Finally Figured Out How “To Work Facetime.” This Was My Grandpa’s Face When He Saw Me

lifting up things


9. Went To The Shelter To Look At Dogs, They Didn’t Have Any There But Once This Lil Girl Saw Me She Started Pawing At Her Cage. Now I Have A New Forever Friend


10. My 93 Year Old Dementia Patient Painted My Cat, I Have No Cat But I’m Starting To Fall In Love With This One