The ‘Smiling Dog’ Challenge: People Are Sharing Dog’s Happy Smiles

11. Not Sure Who’s Happier; Penny, On The Left, Who’s Getting A New Best Friend… Or Rosie, Who Made It All The Way From A Kill Shelter In Oklahoma, And Is Now Coming Home With Us In Nebraska

12. My Lil Poser, That Smile Is Small But It’s There

smiling dogMegan Marina Davidson

13. Rescued This Baby Girl From Being Sent To The City Shelter. I Guess You Can Say She’s Happy

Benjamin Yanto

14. My Jonas Had The Biggest Smile All The Time

smiling dogStephanie Doyle

15. Figured I Should Show Off My Old Man Cooper Who I Took To Work And Gave Him A Well Deserved Spa Day He Loved It! Cooper Is 12 And The Best Lil Guy

smiling dogCass Evans

16. Manny Loves His Grandma

smiling dogSeth Bugden

17. “Did You Say Cheese?? Ok, I Smiles For That!”

smiling dogEmily Lumley

18. Bamboo Just Got Her First Bed!! Safe To Say She Loves It

Hayley Blade

19. This Was Our Princess Leia At The Vet Today For A Check-Up Cos She Loves To Eat Anything In Sight

smiling dogDeedee Delgado

20. Gave Him A Compliment – He Blushed

Billie Jack