The ‘Smiling Dog’ Challenge: People Are Sharing Dog’s Happy Smiles

21. Archie B Has RGF (Resting Grump Face), But Somehow I Was Able To Capture This Gem

smiling dogAbbey Ann

22. Here Is My Dog Buddy Who Became A Proud Big Brother On The Day His Sister Was Born

smiling dogLisa Swannell

23. Left = Oreo = Father. Right = Milo = Oreo’s Son

smiling dogCarrey Balberan

24. These Girls Were All Smiles Yesterday

Don Gibson

25. This Crazy Girl Is Ready For The Holidays!

Jennifer Cornelia

26. When I Needed A Hand, I Found Your Paw. Never Failed To Make Me Smile. Pretty Panda

Fil Gab Dacoron

27. This Is My Baby Boy Alfie, He Was Unwell At The Beginning Of The Year And We Found Out He Is Diabetic. He Has Now Lost His Sight But He Is Still My Happy Boy

Cara Wickson

28. My Baby’s Innocent Smile

Honey Jane Li

29. My Baby Girl’s A Heckin Ol’ Ray Of Sunshine

Elana Watkin

30. Baby Mango Swallowed One Of His Doggy Bone Treats Whole Today But He’s Still Smiling.. Happy Thoughts That He’ll Be Ok

Kamela Olivya Alegre