What Is The Weird Thing You Found Out From Your Spouse After Living Together?


Did you know it is possible to fold a fitted sheet? Mind. Blown.




My wife brushes her teeth, goes pee. Comes to bed. We talk for 20 mins. She gets up, goes pee. We talk for 5 mins because she thought of something in the bathroom. I turn over, close my eyes to go to bed.

I hear the toilet flush, and she gets back in bed.

This repeats until she falls asleep provided that there’s been no more than 5 minutes since she last went pee.


living togetherJXG_Art

My wife is incapable of keeping track of small, important items (like her keys, wallet, or cell phone). If it can be lost, she WILL lose it, usually for several days. Even after ten years of marriage, I am still amazed at her ability to do this.



My husband will fall asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions. Like he will stay up on the couch playing a video game or watching TV while I go to bed. He will then fall asleep on the couch but not lying down or with his head on the back. He will contort himself into a human pretzel and sleep. And he has no idea why his back and neck are so messed up all the time.


living togetherMr_Sassy_Basket

She always laughs about how I use specific kitchen items for specific tasks, like certain bowls are only for cereal, and certain cups are only for drinking water. Of course, I am also amused at her insistence on the “correct” organization of her side of the closet and within the drawers of her dresser. I never knew how many different categories of blue jeans existed before I met her.



Women use a lot of toilet paper.



living togetherliveandlearn256

She’s afraid of the dark, not just like a random, dark, creepy, haunted-looking building but to the point where if she is alone she has to sleep with a night light or if the hallway is dark, she needs me to walk with her.



He likes to sleep with pieces of tissue in his ears cause he believes his ears leaks wax. I’ve never seen them leak. Kinda found it gross at the start of the relationships but 7 years in I just pick up those tissue bits up from our bedroom ground and it’s doesn’t even bother me.

Hocks in shower and that does bother me. A girl has limits.


My ex had like the worst smelling belly button ever. She used come home after a long day of work and that thing would reak of rotten cheese and meat. No joke I could smell it across the room.



living togetherBiostrike14

Wife will change clothes 3 times a day. Get up puts on her running around sweats, gets dressed for work, comes home changes into her casual clothes. Then fuss about how much laundry she has.

I get up get dressed for work and I’m done, might change shirts if you go someplace after work.