40 Things That Show How South Korea Is Different From Any Other Country

Asia is a different world with its traditions and etc. South Korea is a unique part of this world with its all beauties. Here are 40 things that show how South Korea is different from any other country.

1. Running Out Of Children Due To The Low Birth Rates, A School In South Korea Is Opening Their Doors And Allowing Illiterate Grandmothers To Enrol, So They Can Also Learn To Read

south koreanytchangster

2. This Care Package The South Korean Government Sent Me While I’m In Quarantine Day 2


3. Pink Explosion In Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea

south koreaHellsJuggernaut

4. Korean Ktx Trains Play “Healing Broadcasts” Where They Just Show Newborn Puppies Rolling Around For Five Minutes


5. Airports In Seoul Provide A Map To Your Gate On The Back Of Your Boarding Pass

south koreamikecrazy7

6. Glad To See My Favorite Tree Standing Healthy After This Year’s Numerous Typhoons And Landslides, South Korea


7. Took These In The Same Spot Over The Past Year. Korea’s Four Seasons: Yeouido

south koreaWarsaw94

8. This Subway Car In Seoul Has A Mini Library


9. Apartment Complex In Korea Being Painted, So The Painters Shrouded All The Cars In The Parking Lot To Protect From Splatter

south korealonelady75

10. This Hand-Painted Underside Of A Temple Roof In Korea