Tjørnuvík: One of Most Isolated Places on Earth

Tjørnuvík is a small town located at the northern tip of the island of Streymoy, the largest of the Faroe Islands. It is known as ”the town of a thousand and one waterfalls”. The town is nestled in a steep valley with no other settlement in sight. There are about 30 houses in town, most of them nestled along the beach. The population is no more than 70 people. Because of its isolated location and population, it is considered one of the loneliest places on earth.


Viking graves have been found in the valley, which proves that the area has been inhabited since the first Vikings came to the islands. For that reason, Tjørnuvík is among the oldest villages in the Faroe Islands.


Tjørnuvík views the legendary sea stacks Risin and Kellingin (The Giant and the Witch), who, according to legend, tried to drag the Faroe Island to Iceland. Ironically, the remote location of Tjørnuvík makes this place an attractive spot for tourists. Strolling on the beach’s black sand and surfing are popular activities.


The town has its own church. Due to the height of the surrounding mountains, the sky looks like it is hung above the town on most days. During winter, however, the sun does not reach above the steep mountains.