People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

31. Was Pretty Sure It Was Photoshopped But Then I Remembered My Dad Sent It To Me


32. I Can’t Even Make This Stuff Up! Last Friday Maddie Ate A Piece Of My Dad’s Birthday Cake. Today She Ate A Good Portion Of Three Habanero Peppers And An Entire Small Mystery Hot Pepper. I Checked With The Vet And Have Been Warned (In Between Fits Of Her Laughter) That Tonight Is Going To Be Bad

malfunctioning dogsermarie73

33. All The Toys In The World, And He Chooses To Play ‘Keep Away’ With My Mallet Mid Project


34. I Don’t Even Know!


35. Cheeseburger Thief Caught Red-Handed

malfunctioning dogsaframe9999

36. When You Try To Make A Photo Of Your City By Night, But Your Dog Makes It Ten Times Better


37. She’s Clearly Not A Fan Of The New Car Net


38. Warm, Comfy Bed? No. Cold, Steel Ring? Yes

malfunctioning dogs


39. My Little Weirdo Hanging Out With Me While I Write A Paper For School… He Likes To Sit Up And Watch Me Type


40. First Day Of Doggy Daycare. Fell Asleep Like This For The Entire Ride Home

malfunctioning dogskylapz