People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

People are sharing funny pics of dogs malfunction on the subreddit titled What’s Wrong With Your Dog. Take a look at these cute derpy dogs!

1. He Collected All Balls He Found In The House And Then Laid Like This For 10 Minutes


2. Before And After Playdate


3. This Is What I Come Home To Every Day


4. Got A Live Feed Camera So I Could See What My Dogs Are Up To While I’m At Work


5. Right Now, I’m Looking For A Dog To Adopt. I Gave This Little Guy The “Sit” Command And He Sat Down Like This. I Think I Just Found My New Dog


6. Not Sure Who Looks More Terrified

derpy dogs6rineh

7. Made A Friend, Being Extremely Cool And Normal About It

8. Her Bowl Is In The Dishwasher

9. It’s Just Her Face. She’s The Sweetest Dog Ever. But She Constantly Looks Disappointed In Us

10. My Favorite Pic Of My Pug. There Is No Hole In The Grass