People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’ subreddit, dedicated to sharing pics of malfunctioning dogs acting weird in the most adorable and hilarious ways.

Here are our previous ‘Malfunctioning Dogs’ posts.

1. The Sad Face He Gives Me When He Can’t Sit In My Lap While I Drive

malfunctioning dogspupsaurus

2. This Feeling


3. She Always Goes Like This When I Take Out The Nail Clipper


4. He’s Clearly Unhappy With His New Outfit

malfunctioning dogsSystemLog

5. The Shelter Said She Was Shy And Wouldn’t Want To Be Around Us Much… But This Is What I Wake Up To Every Day


6. They’ve Shared A Crate For Years So I Sold My Second Crate Long Ago. They Recently Started Refusing To Share The Crate So I Bought A New Crate Two Days Ago And Here We Are Today

malfunctioning dogsthreedogcircus

7. Wakes Me At 5am For Her Walk. This Is The Walk


8. Tick Tock Clarice…

malfunctioning dogs


9. How My Dogs Prefer To Nap…


10. This Is Lor’s Hole He’s Been Working On For Years, Think He’s Finally Got It Perfect

malfunctioning dogsgreymatter313