People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

11. Double Jointed


12. I Heard A Noise In The Pantry. This Fool Was In There Eating A Bag Of Raw Flour And Is Now Shocked That His Mouth Is Full Of Dough, And He Looks Like He Just Spent The Night Out On A Cocaine Bender

malfunctioning dogsport-girl

13. Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting


14. He Heard The Treat Bag Open

malfunctioning dogsLord_Crumpleton

15. This Little Lady Wasn’t Even Ours.. She Jumped Into Our Boat From Another. She Got Trevor To Rub Her Belly And Me To Give Up My Captain’s Hat In Under A Minute. Who Doesn’t Love Dogs?!?


16. This Is The Ridiculous Face Pepper Makes After Getting Peanut Butter

malfunctioning dogsChemicalWeather

17. I Don’t Know Why, But He Always Sits Like This


18. Giant Splooter


19. So This Is Albert…

malfunctioning dogsZaraki42

20. U Can’t See Me. Im Grass