People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’ subreddit, dedicated to sharing pics of malfunctioning dogs acting weird in the most adorable and hilarious ways.

Here are our previous ‘Malfunctioning Dogs’ posts.

1. Favorite Toy First

malfunctioning dogsSoumajeetb

2. Recently Bought A Dog Cam… Our Pit Enjoying The House To Himself


3. This Is Ruby. She Likes To Pet The Other Dogs At Daycare

malfunctioning dogsSoumajeetb

4. This Dog Looking To Make Sure The Coast Is Clear Before Doing This


5. This Is Cap. Cap Is Deaf. Cap Doesn’t Like Bedtime. When Cap Doesn’t Want To Listen, He Pretends To Ignore His Signs

malfunctioning dogsbranch_

6. He Thinks This Face Will Convince Me To Let Him On The Couch


7. Every Time I Bring Him To Work With Me He Squeezes Into My Desk Chair And Stays There The Whole Day

malfunctioning dogsWeaselScout

8. Eggs? I Haven’t Seen Any Eggs…


9. He Thinks He’s Still Small Enough To Be A Lap Dog

malfunctioning dogspribiranedc

10. Four Stages Of Patting A Husky. 1. Shock. 2. Reluctance. 3. Enjoyment. 4. Smugness