Facebook Group ‘Dogspotting’ Shares The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Dogs

Dogspotting is a Facebook group that people share adorable photos of all the dogs they see at unexpected moments.

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1. My Friend Moved Into A New House And Right Around The Corner Was This Guy! We Saw A Tiny Hole With A Name Above And Figured It Was A Doggy Lookout, So We Called The Name And This Wee Face Popped Up His Owners Had Made A Space In The Fence For Him To Say Hi To People Walking Past

2. Not Sure If They Saw Me

cute dog spotting

3. My Sister Went To Visit Our Grandparents Today And Our Grandfather (Who Unfortunately Has Dementia) Felt Really Sad For The Dogs Who Had To Stay Outside. So He Spent The Day Entertaining Them By Showing Them Various Paintings

4. Found A Big Boy Peeking At Us In The Train!

5. I Work At Starbucks And This Happened Today In The Drive Thru (I Got Permission To Take This Photo)

6. Proof That There Is Gold At The End Of A Rainbow!

cute dog spotting

7. I’ve Recently Moved House, I’ll Wake Up And My Nextdoor Neighbors Dog Will Be Sat Outside My Door Waiting For Me, I’ll Open The Door And She Comes And Sits On The Door Mat. Her Name Is Edith And She’s My New Best Friend

8. His Name Is Connor And He’s Precious

9. I Think This Is What Is Meant By Puppy Dog Eyes

10. A Dog