What Are Some Company Secrets You Can Now Reveal Since You Don’t Work For The Company Anymore?



Volunteer paramedic … when we find an old person who clearly has been with no pulse for hours we close the doors, shut relatives out and pretend to do something to avoid useless legal action.


I used to work in a factory that produced pillows. Let me be the first to tell you, some nasty stuff goes into those pillows. Tell me, have you ever seen those pillows labeled “Memory Foam Cluster”? Do yourself a favor, and avoid them like the plague. What we do is, there is a bale of old, recycled memory foam brought behind the grinder. This bale consists of everything from old mattresses and pillows, to those cooling memory foam pillows. Except they are all old and dirty. We cut the bigger pieces into more manageable bits and toss it into a grinder that chops the foam into small, fine cubes. These cubes are stored in a large tank, and then blown into an empty pillow casing using pneumatic pressure. Now we made good pillows too, but for the love of god, stay away from anything labeled “cluster.”



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Wash your fruits and vegetables very thoroughly a lot of them will end up being scooped off a disgusting warehouse floor and put back in the package after falling out



Apple: All techs and “Genius” employees are fully aware of wide-spread issues well before they are officially released to the public. They are NEVER discussed at the morning staff meetings with management present but are ALWAYS a source of discussion in the 3:00-3:30 tech staff meeting.
For example: It got to a point where I would replace an iPhone 6+ for the “display” issue and sometimes had to replace the replacement 2-3 times while the customer was waiting. It was embarrassing and frustrating that the official release from the company was that the issue was caused by customer misuse. We all knew the truth and the techs with any sort of conscience would bend over backwards to do what we could to right the wrongs. That is one of several manufacturing issues masked as user error or misuse that we tried to work around.


The icecream machine isn’t broken it just needs cleaning which takes a long time. BK worker here



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Former Geek Squad here – most of the people that work there, aren’t really technical at all. We usually just walk it over to a bench, hook it up to a corporate VLAN and run just run some software. If there are real issues – people remotely connect from India or somewhere else.

We are basically just salesmen with a clip on tie.


You always want to order your drinks without ice.

I’ve seen icemachines inside at fancy places and you definitly do not want anything in your drink what was inside there before. Ice cube machines are a real s**thole in general.




Former Starbucks partner here. I’ve worked at a variety of different stores during my stint as a barista, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to clean an espresso machine and have found mold. I’ve only worked in one store that followed cleaning protocol correctly, out of a total of six (all in a major U.S. city).

Also, don’t be a d**k when you place your order, otherwise you will without a doubt be decaffed. I’ve even witnessed assistant store managers do this to customers.


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Applebees; on the tabletop computers, go to “Extras” and tap and hold the little white space on the top left of the screen. When it gives a password prompt, it’s 4321. Lets you change the table numbers or play games for free.


Ralph Lauren’s outlet clothing is made for outlet, not from the main stores.