People Got What They Deserved, As Shared In ‘Justice Served’ Online Group

People shared people who got what they deserved in the subreddit Justice Served and here are 30 of them.

Here are more people who got what they deserved.

1. Meet Issac Wright Jr – American Hero

justice served13artC

2. Nature Is F**king Metal


3. Very Cool Judge

justice servedishyfishy321

4. Everyone Liked That


5. Good Ol’ Grandma Serves Some Bad Guys Fresh Justice

justice servedNewCarthagea

6. This Is Griffen, He Is A Very Good Boy. Two Weeks Ago He Tracked And Caught The Scum Bag That Attacked And Attempted To Abduct A Young Woman. Despite Getting A Kick To The Head, P.d. Griffen Did His Job


7. It Took A Long Time, Sure, But She Got The Justice She Deserved

justice servedNewCarthagea

8. Not Sure If This Is A Repost Or Not


9. Justice Served!

justice servedagility_physics

10. Great Lawyer!