This Online Group Shares People Who Had One Job And Failed In A Funny Way

The subreddit titled, You Had One Job, is dedicated to capturing posts that people who failed in a funny way!

Here are our previous You Had One Job posts.

1. How This Got Through Is Beyond My Understanding

one jobSalazzmalazz

2. Not Sure If It Quite Fits Here But…


3. Ah Yes A Therapist That Doesnt Give Therapy

one jobGhostInTheBathroom

4. Bruh “Please Don’t Have An Emergency At This Location”


5. Suicide Prevention: Reducing The Number Of Suicidal People

one jobhushtsu

6. This Is Close To Impressive


7. It’s About Time Someone Presented The News.

one jobDouglasqqq

8. What Did Children With Diabetes Ever Do To You?


9. Never Knew A Maze Would Be This Easy!

one jobMemersOnReddit

10. Ah Yes, I Would Like Satan For Christmas