People Shared Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

21. My Smoking Hot Duck I Found Today. I Did Not Even Know It Was An Incense Burner, I Just Loved Him

thrift storesDramatic_Walk8387

22. I’ve Been Wanting A Piece Of Stained Glass And Found This


23. Visited A Salvation Army For The First Time Yesterday And Picked Up This (Possibly Vintage?) Dress! It Was 25% Off So I Paid Less Than $5!

thrift storesdumbblondecollegekid

24. $15 Dollars At A Thrift Store.. It’s An Original! Holy Cow I Could Look At It Forever


25. The Most Amazing 2 Piece Vintage Set That I Just Thrifted For $10

thrift storeszorlda_

26. A $40 Thrifted Vintage Lace Wedding Dress. I’m Eloping In July And It Fits Perfectly!


27. I’m So Stoked On This $1.29 Find

thrift storesteehizzlenizzle

28. Thrifted This Rattan Etagere For $30!! Favorite Find So Far


29. I Got This From Fb Marketplace , I Think He Likes It

thrift storesExtensionBad2629

30. Catch & Release But Now I Regret It