People Shared Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

Some people love to spend time in thrift stores looking for something to buy. This shopping may allow finding some amazing goods. Here are 30 lucky people who find amazing goods in thrift stores.

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1. Me: “How Much Are These? There’s No Price.” Lady: “$10 For Both”

thrift storestn2k7

2. The Wedding Dress Of My Dreams (And In My Size) For $40 At Goodwill


3. Bought At My Local Small Town Thrift Store. I Love Him

thrift storespadawanana

4. When The Checker Asked Me What This Was, I Muttered That It’s For Making Coffee And Ran Away. $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso Maker For $6.50 At Goodwill. My Coffee Dreams Have Now Been Fulfilled


5. Fffff-Forty Dollars You Say?!!! Drexler Mcm Walnut Bookcase

thrift storesAvantgardeaclue13

6. For Years I Was Always Tempted By Miniature Chairs At Thrift Shops, And Then One Day I Finally Bought Nine Of Them


7. It Finally Happened To Me. After Years Of Being Jealous Of People On Here For Finding Them. I’ve Finally Found My White Whale! For Ten Dollars

thrift storesSkholla

8. I Found A Suit For My Son At A Yard Sale. $15.00


9. Internalized Homophobia And Misogyny I Thought I Had Long Ago Dealt With Has Always Kept Me From Exploring This Side Of Myself. Well, On My Last Thrift Run I Said To Hell With That, And When I Tell You I Have Never Felt So Elegant, I Mean That In A Heart Changing Way

thrift storestareqdaqtyl

10. My Luck Has Truly Been Bananas. Broyhill Brasilia Set. Couple Bought A House, Previous Owner Left It, It “Wasn’t Their Style”, They Wanted It Out. $100 For The Set