22 Weird And Hilarious Design Fails

There are some such weird and hilarious designs that it’s impossible not to share them.

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1. “The worst place for an output”

design fails© robinwarior / reddit

2. “This handle blocks me from unlocking the door.”

© KonnBonn23 / reddit

3. “This light switch that’s basically in the shower of our new house”

design fails© Timely-Bumblebee-402 / reddit

4. “An everyday, normal door”

© blackbukra / reddit

5. “Everything is wrong with that bike lane.”

design fails© Only_Refrigerator_51 / reddit

6. “I’m not a native English speaker, but I’m quite sure it makes no sense.”

© escobar-escobar / reddit

7. “The snap band skateboard at a dollar store”

design fails© Oakhold_Cheerios / reddit

8. “This is a virtual guide at a children’s museum.”

© Jmiller13202 / reddit

9. “I don’t know what to say about how terrible this design is.”

design fails© Memer***-3000 / reddit

10. “Up, please!”

© partchman / reddit