People Shared Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

11. I Found Hundreds Of Love Letters Between A Sailor And His Wife During 1918 (Ww1). They Start Out As A Secret Couple, Then Marry After A Few Months! He Also Has The Mumps For A Bit

thrift storeswilsoncommaadam

12. Another Dress I Made From A Vintage Bedsheet I Found At The Bins, Aka Treasure Trove


13. My Mum Bought A Load Of Yarn From A Thrifters And Made This For Me! It’s So Good!

thrift storesltbluepoetry

14. Cute Baby Side Table For $25!


15. My Husband And I Turned This Antique Fire Extinguisher He Got For Free From A Co-Worker Into A Side Table Using A Marble Top We Found At A Garage Sale For $1. Really Pleased With How This Turned Out!

thrift storesmariac5353

16. Thrifted Nwt Couch From The Local Salvation Army. Couldn’t Believe My Luck!


17. Just Found This Beautiful Baldwin Organ. Works Perfectly, And Got It For Only 170$. My Biggest Thriftstore Haul Of All Time , I’ve Wanted One Forever!!

thrift stores-georgie

18. $50 For This Old Heavy Dresser And Mirror. I’m In Love

19. My Thrifting Has Peaked: Kitty Sweater With Hand Painted Fish Buttons!

thrift storesthestrangerzone

20. My Thrift Store Find. Emerald And Diamond 18k Gold Ring. $16