30 Hilarious Photos Of ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’

There’s a subreddit called Awful Taste But Great Execution that is dedicated to collect bad ideas or terrible product designs.

Here is our previous ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ post.

1. Michelin Buddha

awful tasterastroboy

2. Gingerbread Crack House


3. Was Told I Should Post My Drag Grinch Look Here

awful tasteDrAnja

4. This Water-Like Epoxy Floor


5. This “Pump-Kin” At My Ob/Gyn’s Office.

awful tastejenniferandjustlyso

6. Slowly Bleeding Candle Hand


7. Sigh… *unzips*

awful tasteOlivesGoOnFingers

8. This Stained Glass Car Sunroof


9. Shrek Car

awful tasteBubbly_Hat

10. Pretzels Dipped In White Chocolate And Laid On Poppy Seeds Make Up This Delightfully Smoky Charcuterie Board