18 Designs That Are Weird But Genius At The Same Time

These 18 designs that are weird but genius at the same time will surprise you!

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1. Wise recycling of IKEA bags

genius© nicolemclaughlin/instagram

2. A ghost sculpture in the castle of Vezio, Italy

© Greatfool19000/reddit

3. “This emergency exit sign”

genius© thebayallday/reddit

4. “I went to an old hospital in Oakland California, and the toilet seats have independently moving left and right seat sides.”

© GhostalMedia/reddit

5. “A business shirt shop in London has pegs for clothes designed as collars.”

genius© Mgreengo/reddit

6. This baggie design

© Starknife24/reddit

7. “A cheese cutter from the Swedish museum in Philadelphia”

genius© Zwierzycki/reddit

8. “The department of fisheries in India”

© Olebaer/reddit

9. “Ice cream protective seal”

genius© teaactually/reddit

10. UNC-Chapel Hill campus conceptual sign

© Esc00/reddit