40 Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

Some people love to spend time in thrift stores looking for something to buy. This shopping may allow finding some amazing goods. Here are 40 lucky people who find amazing goods in thrift stores.

1. Two Months Ago, My 20 Year Old Kitty Passed Away. After All Those Years, I’ve Been Heartbroken. Yesterday I Went Downtown To The Salvation Army Store And Found This Gem. I Pasted My Kitty’s Photo In The Image So You Can See How Amazing This Is. I Mean. It Is Her!

amazing goodsLinda Trem

2. Y’all, My Local Bin Dig Store Had A Fill-A-Cart For $10 Sale, So I Started Filling Up On Small Toys To Hand Out At Halloween. I Grabbed This Fake Credit Card, Because It Said James Bond On It. This Morning, I Noticed There Was A Slider On The Back And Opened It. It’s A Freaking Lock Picking Set!!!

Amanda L. Richards‎

3. I Found This Last Week And It’s Definitely My Favorite Thing I’ve Seen At An Antique Or Thrift Store. Introducing The Violin Vampire Killing Kit!

Amanda Anatole

4. Now You’re Singing It

amazing goodsFaith Moultrup‎

5. My 9-Year-Old Daughter Found This Today At The Goodwill In Niles, Michigan. She Said He Had To Come Home With Us Because She Loves Weird Things And She Just Knew That Nobody Else Would Buy Him And He Would Be Lonely

Katrina Hastings

6. Had To Spruce Her Up A Bit

amazing goodsAmber Jones

7. Found This Yesterday And Bought For My Son, Who Loved It! Best £2 Spent Ever!

Rachael Slater‎

8. I Rescued This Incredible Globe From The Trash, It’s About 20” Tall And Handcrafted With Semi-Precious Stones And A Brass Base. Not Really That Weird But Definitely Second Hand And Pretty Unusual

Pete Anthonius Leggio

9. Lucky Enough To Find Matching Dresses For My Boyfriend And Me So We Could Do This Pose At The Stanley Hotel. Estes Park, Co Thrift Shop

amazing goodsRobyn Maitland Ross

10. My 6 Year Old Spent Her Allowance On A Hand Painted, Canvas Portrait Of A Goat She Found At The Flea Market. Yes It Came Home. It’s Now Hung In Her Room

Angie Carey