40 Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

21. Every Single One Thrifted (It Took 2 Years Of Gathering While We Built)! Even The Pics In Them Were Thrifted

Meredith Schramm Mannebach

22. My $5 Swag Lamp. Found Her At A Yard Sale A Few Summers Ago And Rediscovered It In The Back Of My Barn This Winter!

amazing goodsWendee Heikkila

23. My Brother Found These In The Trash In Boston. Set Of Five (One Not Shown), Hand-Painted In India

Ted Hayes

24. This Is In The Game Room At My Boyfriends House. It Came With The House And Looks Incredible When The Light Comes Through

amazing goodsAmy Eisenschenk Kern

25. I Just Picked Up This Life Size Sheep From An Auction House. It Will Be My Ice Bucket To Keep Drinks Cold

Colin Hutson

26. I Found This Card Catalog Gem Years Ago At An Antique Show Here In Tx And It’s By Far My Favorite Piece! I Call It My “Cdf” (Cold Dead Fingers) Because I’ll Have It Til I Die. It Needed A Lot Of Love But I Think It Was Worth It

Dana Denise

27. Snailed It!!! Got This Gorgeous Gastropod Lamp From Facebook Marketplace Today!!!

amazing goodsJenny Kovach

28. We Came Home From Vacation To Find This Dinosaur “Planted” In My Garden

Melinda Messineo

My father works at a school and I’ve got an unhealthy dinosaur obsession (yes, I’m an adult). They were removing this dino ride from the playground there and he convinced them to let him take it instead of destroying it. As my boyfriend and I were pulling up to our house, he was less enthusiastic about the new addition than I was . My parents thought it was a HYSTERICAL belated birthday present. After some back and forth about where he belongs, the agreement was that I’m *supposed* to be moving him to the back yard… (so no one can see it? or so no one can steal it? who knows!!) but currently I kind of shuffle him around for dramatic effect and majestic photo ops. PS – I’ve started calling him Stuart.

29. Saw This At Treasures And Junk In Ontario, California. It Was Sold Already, For 500$. What An Amazing Chair And It’s Purple & Black!

Crystal Scott

30. I Found This Peach Tea Kettle At A Local Antique Store And I Have Never Seen Anything Like It, Cutest Tea Kettle I’ve Come Across

amazing goodsJonique Perzentka