40 Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

11. This Beut Is Mine!

amazing goodsOdessa Cooley

A hydraulics shop was selling it and a coworker spotted it on her way in. I RAN to go get it. P.S. we are librarians

12. Our New Repurposed Lawn Flamingos. Picked Them Up At A Yard Sale Not Long Go. The Skeletons Last Year Off The Marketplace. And Well This Is What Happened

Dorian Graycat

13. Happy Hippo Day! Here’s Mine. Found At An Estate Sale

amazing goodsJin Cho

14. I Found My Dream Dining Table On Marketplace In Minneapolis

Sarala Sameera Morusupalli

5 extremely strong individuals, a truck, and days of haggling later, I finally was able to bring this beauty home.
The table is all single solid wood, and is EXTREMELY heavy. Just a chair takes 2 people to lift up (or I guess one if you’re really really strong). No clue what type of wood it is or how old it is. It was supposedly purchased at an auction a decade or so ago and given as a gift to the last owners who decided to sell because and I quote “when you have kids, you just can’t have nice things.”.

15. Here’s My Vintage Dress Find For $15 Bucks From The Salvation Army. I Bought It To Dye Black For Halloween But Decided Against It When I Realized What A Beautiful Dress It Is. I’m In Love With It

amazing goodsVeronica Silva

16. What Do You Do When You Find A Mini Coleman Tent Meant For An 18″ Doll At Goodwill And You Don’t Have Any Kids Or Dolls? You Get It For Your Dog, Of Course

Kayla Smith

17. Found At My Local Thrift Store. Needed It For My Cats!!

amazing goodsSandi Slattery

18. This Quilt Was Is Not A Second Hand Find But Rather Has A Long Family History And A Unique Story

Chrystal Ollenberger Armstrong

My great grandmother started making this quilt when my mom was pregnant with me for a baby gift. She cut out all of the pieces but passed away before it was completed. Years after her death my grandmother decided she should complete the quilt for me. She worked on putting the small pieces together to form the large diamonds that would make up the star. At this time she realized that her mother had cut the pieces wrong and instead of being a 8 pointed star it was going to be a 7 pointed star. She became frustrated trying to figure it out and packed it back up in it’s bag. Some time after that she passed the pieces to my Mom, who had limited experience and didn’t attempt to work on it. Once I hit adulthood the bag was passed to me. I put the large diamonds together to form the 7 pointed star, but did not know how to complete the quilt. A few years later I got married, and my mother in law is a master quilt maker, so she took the 7 pointed star and put it on a beautiful white background and completed the quilt (she used the 8th large diamond to do the edging of the quilt. I think by the time I received the finished project I was around 40. I think that all of the hands and minds that worked together to make this beautiful piece, only make it more valuable. It fits a king size bed, which is a funny thing to make for a baby gift and has never been used on a bed (due to the color and nostalgia connected, and since I have 3 dogs) but I have had it hung up at different times over the years to enjoy. Sorry for such a long winded story, but I hope you enjoyed it. I took some of your advice and decided to use it for the first time ever, I put it on our bed and slept like a baby last night.

19. Found At Goodwill Battle Creek, Mi

Tess Sayers

20. Got This Piano From A Friends Barn For Free When I Was In Middle School, It Was Built In 1920 And It Was Full Of Mice And Falling Apart

amazing goodsVinny DiPonio

It was my first antique I ever aquired and I spent 2 years restoring it. We later moved and I moved it all over wherever I moved to, it went with me.
Now its in my parlor, in my house back in my hometown in Michigan, only about 8 mins from where I first found it over 10 years ago.