10+ Lucky People Found Such Great Things In Thrift Stores, Garage Sales And Flea Markets (Part II)

The Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group is a page dedicated to sharing the oddities that people spot in thrift shops.

Part I

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1. This Stain Glass Whale Light Measuring 4′ Long Was Going To Be Thrown In A Dumpster

Chris Braga

2. My Greatest Thrift Find Ever. When I Bought It I Only Thought The Dots Would Glow. I Was Shocked When I Turned It On!! Best $10 I Ever Spent. Hope House Foundation Thrift Shop, Norfolk Va

thrift store findsHannah Marie

3. My Wonderful 99 Year Old Grandad Is Moving Into A Nursing Home. We Are Cleaning Out His House And I Was Given This, Now One Of My Favourite Possessions

thrift storeSteph Roberts

4. I Went Thrifting And Did Not Expect To Find This Year’s “Easter Dress” In All Its Glory Hanging Before Me!!!!!

thrift store findsShannon Hague

5. I Found This Old TV When Cleaning Out In The Attic In My Grandma’s House

Thomas Schlund

6. My Granny Had Given Me My First Crystal Cat When I Was Roughly In The 4th Grade (Mid 90’s)

thrift store Stacy Edison

7. My Mom Was Born 1939, The Year Snow White Was Released. She Passed Away In March And As I Have Been Cleaning Out Her Home, I Found This Beautiful Blanket Made For Her, By Her Grandmother When She Was Born

Kim Batiansila

8. My Collection Of Flower And Bug Brooches

Anna Coy

9. This Is By Far The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Found

thrift storeAlice Milson

10. My $2 Yardsale Find Today! Already Had The Perfect Plant For It Too

Leah Couch