30 Times People Find Interesting Things In Thrift Stores

The Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group is posting interesting thrift store finds.

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1. My Hoarding Of Old Garage Sale Christmas Junk Finally Paid Off. My Sister Turned It All Into This Masterpiece

Missy Maynard

2. I Thought This Was Beautiful. A Person In My Apartment Complex Was Throwing It Out And I Grabbed It With A Smile. It Is Wood And Extremely Heavy. I Will Be Polishing It With Orange Oil Later. What Do You Guys Think? Good Find?

Michal Elaine Johnston

3. Not Crazy Weird But My Thrift Find Of The Day. I Couldn’t Turn My Back On Him So Home He Came With Me. His Name Is “2020”

Janice Pawlowski Fox

4. My Grandma Spent Years Collecting Broken Pieces Of Jewelry From Family Members With The Hope Of Creating A Jewelry Christmas Tree

Eleanor Ruth Fay Bradley

5. So This Happened Today.. I Work For A Major 2nd Hand Store In Australia, This Morning While Opening Up The Store I Stumbled Across The Corner Of This Woodburning Sticking Out

Zoe Keely

6. I Was Always Super Skeptical Of Facebook Marketplace, Then I Found This Giant Tardis Reading Nook For $50

Kati Stevens

7. Totally Forgot To Share This!! Look At The Bookchair I Found At The Thriftstore Here In The Netherlands. And Yes, I Totally Bought It

Danique Faber

8. The Rugrats…not Bad For $8.00 From Gw In Dallas Texas. So What I’m 55 Years Old I’m Still Going To Rock This!!!

Danyelle Bridgewater

9. My Beautiful Find On The Facebook Marketplace! I Could Not Love It More!

Jessica Smith

10. I Love Stained Glass And Found This Piece In An Antique Mall. It’s My House Number!! Installed It On Our Front Porch

Candy McDaniel