30 Of The Worst Pieces of Advice Given To Pregnant Women

21. Don’t eat spicy foods or stand under the moon.. ugh..
As someone pointed out in the comments, it’s the full moon, not just the moon in general. This was a decade ago, and my memory sucks.
The spicy thing comes from the superstition that spicy foods will give your kid a birth mark.

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22. I was about 8 months pregnant, i said something at family dinner one sunday about how i was scared of labor, my gram shouts out “ you know you should smoke a blunt”. now my family’s open about their pot use, most of my family will smoke from time to time but my grandmother has never smoked in her life so i was a bit confused.
I just looked at her and keeps going “ if you smoke blunts well your in labour it will keep you calm and help with the pain, i’ll find you some weed just smoke in the bathroom of the hospital….. but wear socks you have ugly feet and the doctor won’t want to help you if he sees your cracked heels”
my grandmother is something.
I didn’t take my grandmothers advice, and the doctor delivered my baby even with my cracked heals, and once i had the baby and could reach my feet again i made sure they weren’t cracked anymore.


23. To not drink water because it causes nausea.

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24. Well i am the husband/father but a doctor told my 38 or 39 week pregnant wife that her condition was no excuse to not keep me sexually satisfied.
Not even sure why it was brought up. She was just getting a regular checkup. I wasnt even there. Doc busts out with this. (Not her regular doctor. Her regular doctor was also off pregnant).
She was NOT impressed to say the least.
So theres the advice. Being pregnant is no reason to not please your SO.


25. Don’t raise your arms above your head, it will tangle the baby’s cord and the baby will die.


26. got severe itching all over the body during 7th mo.
did the routine test for liver function.all normal
Colleague advises, rub your husband’s underwear which he has left for wash/laundry all over ur body as remedy for itching.


27. “Don’t worry about the swelling and high blood pressure, thats normal.” -my midwife days before being induced due to preeclampsia


28. I was told that heart burn during the pregnancy meant that the child had a lot of head hair.
Had a [crap] load of heart burn.
Kid barely had hair.


29. When I found out I was pregnant a nurse friend of mine felt the need to rattle off an endless list of [crap] that could potentially be wrong with my baby. Another friend of mine, when I started telling people I was pregnant after the three months and was accused of telling people too early, said “It doesn’t matter when you tell people, you could have a miscarriage at any point during your pregnancy.” They both meant well, but really guys lol shut up!


30. Not to sit on stairs because it will cause you to have a miscarriage… people are crazy.