40 Wholesome Things Will Lift You Up

31. This Connects To A Lot Of People

wholesome thingsD0NW0N

32. I’m Not Sure Who This Man Is. We Took All 6 Kids To Eat At Fernandos And All Brekken Wanted Was To Eat With Him

Amy Wadford

33. Got The Covid-19 Vaccine Behind My Anti-Vax Parents Backs


34. 8 Years Sober Today From Alcohol

wholesome thingsScarlaymama0721

35. The Levels Of Cute Here. I Cannot


36. Saw That Every Time I Watered The Plants There Were Bees Drinking From The Ground So I Made A Bee Bath Out Of A Bowl And Rocks


37. A Swedish Engineer Has Invented A Suit That Will Change The Lives Of People With Parkinson’s And Stroke. With The Help Of Electrical Stimulation, It Helps To Get Rid Of Tremors

wholesome thingsMollii

38. My “Brother” Turned 14 Years Old Today! He Enjoyed A Long Car Ride, Swimming In The Ocean And Some Cheeseburgers! Everyone Wish Dakota A Happy Birthday

Blakely Thomas

39. My Friends And I Organized A Skirt Day For All To Fight Against Gender Norms


40. One Year Since My Wife Brought A Flea Ridden, Tiny Baby Back To Life With A Blood Transfusion

wholesome thingsParadoxial85