40 Wholesome Things Will Lift You Up

These 40 wholesome things will lift you up if you are feeling down.

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1. Don’t Have Someone With Whom I Can Celebrate So I Thought To Celebrate With My Online Homies, Guys I Am One Year Sober

wholesome thingsCupcake_dipper

2. A Little Boy About 3 Came Up To Me And Asked If My Head Was Cold. I Said Yes A Little Bit (Melbourne Weather) He Took His Beanie Off And Said That I Could Have It

Tracey Ryan

3. Woman With Down Syndrome Opens Her Own Bakery After Getting Rejected From Every Bakery She Applied To

wholesome thingscolletteyscookies

4. The Last Two Runners In The Pittsburgh Marathon Not Letting Each Other Quit. Whoever These Two Runners Are, They Totally Made My Day

Daniel Heckert

5. Todd, The Saviour

wholesome thingsdog_rates

6. My Grandmom Is Legally Blind And Made Me This Blanket. She Told That She Had To Keep Calling Her Friend To Come To Look At It And Make Sure The Pattern Was Correct. I Love It

Miranda Anderson

7. What A Strong Relationship

wholesome thingsmuzzpete

8. Inspirational


9. This Gentleman Buying His First House


10. I Was An Addict For Over 10 Years Of My Life But My Son Came Into This World With A Sober Dad

wholesome thingshuntervsaddiction