40 Funny Pics Of Cooking Failures That People Just Had To Share

Cooking is not always easy. Here is a compiled list of epic pics of people sharing their kitchen failures!

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1. Dumplings From The Hell’s Gate

cooking failures

2. My Crescent Rolls Came Out Looking Like Walruses That Just Can’t Anymore


3. Here Is My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma. She Was Having A Hard Time With The Mixer

cooking failuresBungalowbeast

4. Turned My Back For A Minute And She Peed In 20 Cups Of Uncooked Rice


5. This Was Way Cuter When I Pictured It In My Head

cooking failureshowierid

6. My Bff Just Melted Her Favorite Pot. I Didn’t Even Know That Was Possible


7. My Wife Likes To Keep Dog Food Beside Coffee Beans. Guess What I Did At 5:30 Am This Morning

cooking failuresChaosbutters87

8. You Ever Mess Up Burgers So Bad That Even Your Grill Is Surprised?


9. New Style Ribs. Introducing: Hell Done

cooking failuresDilligafDiva

10. The Way My Pasta Spilled