40 Wholesome Things Will Lift You Up

11. It’s Never Too Late


12. Jennifer Rocha Took Her Graduation Pictures In The California Fields Where She Has Worked Along Her Immigrant Farmworker Parents Harvesting Vegetables, For Many Years

Ana Navarro

13. After My Parents Never Vaccinating Me And Raising Me To Not Believe In Vaccines I Decided Enough Was Enough And Got My Pfizer Covid Vaccine

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14. Jax Is 13 Years Young, He Can’t Walk Very Far Nowadays But Would Be Heartbroken If We Didn’t Take Him For A Walk. So We Pull Him In His Wagon


15. A Journey


16. Beating Anorexia – 2-Year Transformation

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17. Please Stop Throwing Kittens Out In The Road, Mkay? I’m Running Out Of Names. Here’s Cheese


18. My Son Was Born Today. I Don’t Have Anyone Else To Share It With


19. Guy Spots The Most Adorable Little Squirrels Napping Just Outside His Window

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20. Now His Teacher Will Not Complain