30 Incredibly Wholesome Things That Happened In 2020

Get ready to relax with these wholesome uplifting stories. Here are some of the wholesome things that happen this year!

1. Be More Like Abdul

wholesome uplifting storiesSteve Farmer

2. 10 Years Of Work But It Was Worth It! I’m A Provider At The Same Place I Used To Clean

Jaines Andrades

3. Child, Who Hit My Father’s Car, Had An Old Bike With Broken Brakes, So My Father Bought Him A New Bike. I Am So Proud Of My Father


4. The Wooden Mast Had To Be Replaced By A Concrete Mast, But The Professionals Preserved The Tucano’s House

Neuton Fischer,Neuton Fischer

5. I’m So Happy For Her


6. What A Legend


7. Never Too Late To Start Again


8. This Athlete, Marios Giannakou, Carried A Disabled Biology Student Named Eleftheria To The Top Of Mount Olympus, Her Dream


9. Sometimes You Need Some Bro You Don’t Know To Love You


10. It Has Been A Very Long Journey, But We Finally Got Forever