What’s A Low-Effort Job With A Surprisingly High Salary?


high salaryPudding_Badger

In our country: A forklift driver.

Usually gets as much money as a person in middle management.



My current job. Project Manager for US Based Fortune 200 Company, permanent work from home, make six figures, and I do maybe 4 hours of actual work each week. I have my home office set up where I have 2 gaming monitors connected to my gaming laptop sitting on my desk directly in front of me. Then I have my work laptop sitting to one side that’s got the volume turned up so I hear if I get an email or message. When I do, I handle that, then go back to my personal laptop. Most days I’m either playing video games, watching movies, browsing Reddit, studying for new certifications, or doing stuff around the house like laundry, dishes, cleaning rooms, food prep, etc. People on my team constantly say things like “Man, this workload is insane.” I’ve got the same and even more than some. It’s so boring. But, they’re paying me to dick around most days.


Made $55 an hour supporting an American system… during grave-yard hours.

I was, literally, the only person in one of 3 huge buildings. All dark except for my lowly office.

For the first few nights, security would come around to see why the light were on all night…

I received no calls nor emails, ever, at any time. This lasted for 4-5 months. I slept most of the time, and, of course, got myself banned from sub-Reddits.



Truck Driver. Seriously, look into it. There is a huge demand for truck drivers right now, and I’m not talking the Amazon delivery guys. You can even get a local route and work regular work hours and make a lot of money for having the skill of driving.



high salarythatgreengentleman_

Owning a parking lot.


My job. The bulk of my job is essentially helping ICU nurses get through annual basic life support.

Now that it’s all on computerized dummies, I basically just click the link for them, adjust hand position now and then and sit back.

I watched Jurassic Park today because everyone is up to date.

I make $120k…



Driving the massive dump trucks that serve mines. Starting salary is like 70k and all you do is drive back and forth all day.



I have some relatives that work for the (US) Federal Government that often talk about jobs where they work in areas like Accounting and Project Management that make over $100,000 and might on a busy day have as much as two hours of actual work. My Aunt was talking about this one older women near retirement that made over $120,000 a year and her only job was running some transactions every morning, which usually took no more than 20 minutes, then she would spend the rest of the day knitting at her desk.



School board members.

Don’t know about other places, but school board members at my school (public school) made well over 5k eur a month (well above the average).

All the board ever did was create sh**ty rules and then remove them.

They always acted so damn busy when everyone knew they drank coffee while surfing Facebook the entire day, a school member’s husband even said that so you know it’s true.



Cop. Where I am from they make $100, 000 annually with very little crime. Money is divested into new toys, like helicopters, tanks, even robots.

Southcentral L.A. it is not.