What’s A Low-Effort Job With A Surprisingly High Salary?


When I was backpacking I signed up to a temp agency in Sydney who would hire “well presented” front my of house staff for corporate firms who liked to have a pretty, young, well-dressed thing manning the reception desk whilst their clients came. I often got paid $30-40 an hour to welcome clients, show them to their meeting room, pour some water and order their catering. And that’s all I did. In fancy beautiful offices overlooking Sydney harbour bridge etc. Once their regular receptionist got back from leave I’d be popped onto the next one. I did a stint at Sydney University at one of their newly built research centres, all I did was direct people to the lifts and the right part of the building for their meeting. I made enough money doing this to backpack through the entire East Coast of Australia over 3 months.



high salaryGoddamnpassword

Business Intelligence/ Data analyst. Do you know how to use excel, can you write basically SQL, are you able to express yourself clearly and deal with getting variations of the same 10 questions for the rest of your career? Congrats welcome to making 100k.



Trash truck drivers, it’s a fairly simple job with a higher salary than being a teacher


high salaryluv2lerk

I had a job like this. I got paid $28 an hour working as an administrative assistant in a high school. It takes like 15 minutes to input grades and send truancy letters. Answering phone calls always resort to just transferring them to the Principal or school nurse. Literally, nothing to do. I left the job because there’s no work in the summer (school is closed) and honestly, the environment was toxic. When you have that much free time at work, people want to start talking about their personal lives and I don’t like to talk about mine to my toxic co workers. So I left. This job was the definition of money doesn’t buy happiness.



Radiological control technician. 85k base 100k if you work 1 weekend a month and plenty earn 150k+.

I’m making $45 an hour right now browsing reddit and all I have for work today is 1 hour of tours. That’s my work load. Doesn’t really change


International Pilot! I make $200k a year as a widebody first officer. None of the decisions fall to me, I fly one leg to Europe (I get a couple hour nap on each leg), I get 24-48 hours in a cool city, then I fly 1 leg home (couple hour nap again on the way home). When I’m home there is nothing I could conceivably do for work so I just get to enjoy my many many days off. Don’t get me wrong the training was intense, but man, my job now is stupid easy.



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As a closed captioner broadcaster for the News, I work from home. I set my own hours and earn anything from $50 to $70 per hour, depending on the assignment. It takes a lot of money to get started, but the payoff is well worth it.



Mobile notary that does home signings. They can line up 4-7 appointments in a day and make $200-300 per. One of the absolute best weekend gigs. In some markets you can pay your rent by working one extra Saturday a month.


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Depends on where you live, but in my neck of the woods, firefighters get paid six figures and spend most of their time chilling. Of course, when you’re called to work, you really got to work, and you don’t get to just leave work to go home when your shift is over when [hell] goes down.



Last call center job I worked, I got promoted to management just due to how long I had been there. After the promotion, I was paid 50K per year to sit at home, listen to people do their job, fill out paperwork and have the occasional web meeting. I spent more time playing video games and working out than anything else while on the clock.

The funniest part to me is that when I gave my notice, they tried to offer me a promotion to stay because I was such a hard worker. I was super tempted to laugh and tell them how little work I actually did in a day.