People Who’ve Quit Their Job On The Spot, What Did It For You?

Quitting a job is not easy. A Reddit user asked ‘People who’ve quit their job on the spot, what did it for you?’ and here are 30 of the responses.


“My boss not letting me have a weekend off for my best friend’s wedding because a co-worker wanted a dirty weekend away with the married guy she was having an affair with. The married guy was my boss by the way.”

“I was a bridesmaid and had booked the weekend off 10 months in advance. I quit on the spot and told my boss’ wife he was cheating on her. My best friends wedding was lovely.”



Boss told me i was scheduled to work the weekend of my wedding, told him ive had that scheduled and approved for 6 months now. His exact words were “sorry, but i dont care” told him ill go get supplies for the weekend. Packed my [stuff] and turned my phone off. Got married and had a fabulous 5 day weekend before i started a new job in a feild i love.



I worked as a nanny during the day and a waitress at night. I nannied for two kids, a 3 month old and his 5 year old brother who was severely autistic. Needless to say it was very challenging but the 5 year old and I eventually got into a good groove. His parents did not offer any support to me or their child. The dad “worked from home” which meant he played call of duty on the couch all day while I took care of his kids and the mom was at work. Eventually I noticed my paychecks were gradually becoming smaller and smaller so I brought it up. The dad told me he didn’t believe I should get paid for the times he was in the room. THEN he asked me to choose between my waitressing job and my nanny job, as they were concerened my waitressing job was making me too tired. I was tired, but I was tired of trying to single handedly handle their son’s autism without any support. I immediately handed him his baby and his housekey and quit. The look on his face was priceless.



Let me go back to bed. I was the only adult who worked at an ice cream store, the rest of the staff, aside from the owner, was high schoolers. The owners lived an hour or so away, I lived right down the street, and I had a newborn child at home.

So high school employee forgets his key. Owner calls, I go down to lock up. I am not paid for this time.

So high school employee forgets his key. Owner calls, I go down to lock up. I am, again, not paid for this time.

So high school employee forgets his key. Owner calls, I say that no, I’m not doing this, I have a newborn child, this is my day off, I need to sleep and you need to make the kids you hire be responsible. Owner says that I am not being a responsible employee, they hired me because I was a responsible adult. I say, welp, guess I’m not your responsible employee anymore bye.



i worked at subway as a minor and asked for a day off for my cousin’s funeral. they said no. then when i started crying on break they said i could have off for the funeral if i came back to work after. i quit the next day



I worked in an Italian restaurant where I basically did everything except cook. The manager was a Portuguese guy who was horrible and constantly swore at me in Portuguese (chefs who were also Portuguese would tell me). They underpaid us, but to make up for it we could help ourselves to bottles of wine to take home at the end of every shift (18 year old me loved that). I also worked there with my boyfriend, who was very camp and obviously gay.

One shift we both worked together for a large group of people who had just been to a wedding ceromony, I assume it was a meal out before hitting the wedding reception, and this group were the roughest, chavviest a**eholes you can imagine. I was already stressed out because my boyfriend and I working alone to cater for their every need was bad enough but after a few drinks the men in the group started being homophobic towards us, so I refused them service at the bar.

The manager came upstairs to us after I assume one guest complained, and completely tore me and my boyfriend apart in front of all the guests. Completely humiliating and the final straw. We both simply went downstairs after the manager left, while the guests were still screaming at us to be served more booze, we packed six bottles of wine and shoved them into our backpacks, and simply walked out for a smoke…and just kept walking until we got to boyfriend’s house. Never went back.



Got in trouble working at Walmart one time. Christmas season in the toys dept. Everything was everywhere. Didn’t have enough time in the night to put everything away and restock all the shelves. I was given 3 days off without pay (which I probably would have put up with), but then they also wanted me to write an essay on what I did wrong and how I would correct it. I just told them to f**king do it themselves then, and walked out. Best thing, really.



3 straight days in the HR manager’s office, with both my bosses, where they were trying to force me to agree to lower the ratings on the annual performance reviews for my team, in order to justify paying them smaller bonuses.

This was at a AAA game development studio, on a record-breaking title. These people worked enormous amounts of overtime for years, that is only compensated by bonuses, based on sales. I was the only department head that got the annual performance reviews done on schedule, and had already done the one-on-one review with each employee, everything already signed-off.

Also on day 1 of this fiasco, our Executive Producer showed up from a Vegas trip with a brand-new Lamborghini he had just purchased, and apparently this was the reason why the bonuses needed to be adjusted for everybody else.

So, I fought it for 3 days without success, and then quit.

My best artist also quit the following day, and then they wised up and restored the original performance evaluations, and paid the remaining people their rightful bonuses that they worked so hard for.

I guess it worked out in the end, though I pretty much threw away a successful 20-year career as a video game developer to do it.



I was a steak cook at a Ponderosa (low tier steakhouse chain, like Applebee’s with a buffet). We had a new shift supervisor who was terrible and seemed like she wanted to throw weight around before learning any staff dynamics. Someone spilled something by the buffet and, instead of asking the buffet workers, asked me to mop it up. I told her I normally wouldn’t mind but I had a lot of steaks on the grill and didn’t think the customers wanted overcooked steaks just so that one specific person could mop the floor. She said to do it anyway, so I did.

She came back five minutes later and said now the floor is wet and I need to drymop so customers don’t fall. I reiterated that I had steaks on the grill and really didn’t have time to get the floor perfectly dry. She said that she gave me an order and my job was to follow it. I told her “Well it seems like you have a very specific idea of how you want the floor done, so maybe you should take care of that so that you know it’s done correctly.” She said if I ever talked to her like that again, she would tell the manager and get me fired. I told her “Don’t bother. [Screw]off. Have fun explaining to the customers that they can’t have steaks tonight.” and left.

The manager called the next day to get my side of things, said he had told her to ease up a bit, and really wanted me to come back. I asked if she was still going to be a supervisor. He said yes, so I told him I’d be in for my last check and thanked him for the opportunity.



I worked at a customer support centre for a pretty big company. Employees were just numbers and our manager was a total d**k.

An employee’s mother had an operation for the removal of a tumor (don’t know what kind or where) and it was only a 50% chance she’d survive.

When he asked for 2 days leave, the manager said no because the influx of calls and emails was too high. The man quit on the spot and so did half the team and I.

I work at a better company now with a manager that appreciates good work and tells us to take time off himself if we look like we need a break.