What Was The Very First Psychological Trick You Learned That Blew Your Mind?


psychological trickaciddd123

Don’t know what to say but want to keep the conversation going?

Repeat the last phrase of the last thing the person said as a question.

Eg: As a question?

Yes. As a question. Raise your voice so it’s clear that you want them to go on.


Nod and agree and move the fuck on.

If someone with a strong/difficult personality is demanding you do/try ____, (and you don’t want to but know they’ll argue) just agree and move the fuck on. No reason to argue lol makes it so much more simple.

Ie: Barb: You really need to use this brand of diapers. They’re the best. I’ve had 22 kids

Me: Oh awesome thanks for the tip!

End of story. They never ask again, they just want to talk. To put their input in ANYTHING lol.




Give young kids the illusion they are making a decision to do something that you really want them to do.

Kid won’t eat their carrots and wants dessert now? You say to them do you want to eat your carrots first and then dessert? Or would you like to save your dessert for tomorrow and eat your carrots now?


Whenever my toddler refuses to do something, I start doing it. Then they get all angry cause they wanna do it.




psychological trickPleaseTakeThisName

You can give a person talking on their phone an object and they will most likely take it because they are focused on the call. I regularly hand people empty plates, most of the time they just keep talking and don’t notice what I’m doing.



Cunningham’s Law, the best way to get an answer on the internet is to post the question with a misspelling, anal people will be drawn to correct and mock you and one will invariably have the answer you’re looking for.


psychological tricklilitaaa

Whenever I’m feeling nervous or anxious about something I just tell myself how excited I am to do it and trick myself into actually calming down. Works well for presentations



When you want/need something from someone, ask them for help with it. Rather than “hey can you do this for me?”, say “hey can you help me with this?” People are more inclined to be helpful than to just take on the task for you



If you want someone to like you, ask them questions about themselves.


psychological trickFlitterBug05

If you want someone to be nicer to you, compliment them behind their back. If they find out they’ll perceive you as nicer as most people say bad things behind other’s backs. Either way if they act shitty towards you they seem like the bad guy, and because its behind their back it doesn’t look like ass-kissing