What Was The Very First Psychological Trick You Learned That Blew Your Mind?



If you find yourself overthinking, stare at a fixated point. To fetch memories, your eyes need to move. So if you’re staring at a singular point, it’s very difficult to overthink.


psychological trickJackofScarlets

People who feel guilty will over explain to justify their actions.

I do insurance claims. I don’t need to know why you backed into a pole, I don’t care. It’s covered, all I need is the incident and damage description. But man some people feel so bad about it, they won’t stop going on about how the sun was in their eyes but they should have looked better and they can’t believe it happened, and they have a reversing camera and sensors which were supposed to help but they didn’t and they’re so angry with themselves and it’s a new car and they can’t believe they’ve done this.


If you look and sound like you know what you are doing, odds are a fair amount of people will think you know what you are doing.

Even if you don’t



If a toddler does something to get your attention, do the same.

Once my nephew dropped on the floor and started having a tantrum by shouting and kicking.

I did the same. He looked at me shocked and confused, got up and walked away lol




Smile as soon as you first see people (you want to like you) as you greet them, like hey buddy how you doin ?! And look genuinley happy to see them… dont matter whether its girls, guys, young, old.. itll make them excited to see you like every time i dont get it but theres phsycology to it and it actually changed my life


Working as a waitress, if I noticed a customer was getting particularly impatient and it looked like they were going to be rude to me when I went over, when I would take the food over and before they got the chance to speak I’d say something like ‘So sorry for the wait, thanks for being so lovely about it!’

It seemed to catch them off guard and paint them as the ‘nice guy’ in my eyes, and more often than not their expression would change from pissed off to surprised, then they’d say something like ‘oh no problem it’s okay’ so they could keep being the nice guy and feel good about themselves and I avoid a chewing out.



psychological trickHarrisonRyeGraham

Talking myself to sleep. I’ll think things like, “my bed is sooooo comfortable. Sleeping is soooo easy. I love sleeping. Sleeping is great.” Instead of agonizing over why I can’t sleep. Positively reinforcing myself is my new lullaby lmao



My first workplace trick that I still use regularly: people will procrastinate with their own work, but drop everything to quickly “correct” someone else’s work.

Example: Bill needs to provide a paragraph of text to go in your company’s brochure. He’s been dragging his feet forever and it’s the last thing you’re waiting on but he keeps putting it off. Go to where his paragraph should be and write a shitty version of what he’s supposed to do. Don’t invest more than ten seconds. “We do widget services. We are good at it. Our services are good for your widget needs.” Send it to Bill saying “hey I filled in the last paragraph about widget services; can you check and make sure it meets your criteria, and I’ll send it along to the boss for approval?” You’ll have Bill’s polished, fully composed text in about ten minutes.


psychological trickbones_of_an_angel

A therapist told me that anger is a secondary emotion and should be treated like a traffic light, you should stop at yellow before jumping to red. Ask yourself what was the first thing come to your mind triggered you is it being ignored, feeling trapped, unheard, insecure etc… Because your first thought is what you actually feel your anger comes last.

I’m a calm natured person rarely get angry, this advice helped me to identify my weaknesses and anxiety. You can apply this to any emotion not just anger.



“The Wally Reflector”

Thanks to Dilbert-man Scott Adams, I learned the Wally Reflector at a young age. It’s very simple. If someone tries to pawn their work off on you, ask them to do something for you first related to said task. 9 times out of 10 they’ll leave and try to find someone else.

“Hey can you finish this report for me? I’m going on vacation and want to leave a little early to beat traffic to the airport.”

“Sure, I’d love to help! But, could you possibly send me a quick email with a bulletpoint list of what needs to be in the report, just so I don’t miss anything?”

“Uhhhh, on second thought…”